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Effective Telephone Communication Skills for Receptionists


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The foundation for great customer service is a customer's first impression when they call your organization. In many businesses, that first contact is with the receptionist. It is their role to make the first impression and shape the interactions a customer will have over time with your organization. Simply put, presenting a professional image during that first call is essential. Making customers feel well informed and appreciated on their first contact is the key to success.

Put your best foot forward and learn the most effective ways to conduct yourself over the phone. Purchase this Webinar today to learn the tips, tricks and techniques to make the best first impression and keep customers happy.


What You'll Learn


  • How to make the best possible first impression
  • Ways to convey the right message and the right attitude
  • Listening skills to make your customers feel listened to and respected
  • How to convey a professional image on the telephone
  • How to handle difficult callers
  • And much more!

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