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NAFTA’s Fitness Education's Position in the Fitness Industry

NAFTA is a leader in fitness instructor education and the largest provider of continuing education credits (CECs) for group exercise instructors, aquatic professionals and personal trainers offering cutting-edge certifications, workshops and instructor videos. Customer satisfaction has never been as high! Personal attention, sensitivity to needs, and above all, attention to detail and the "we try harder" approach has won us a cornerstone in the health and fitness education industry.

NAFTA's Fitness Education Instructor Clientele

The NAFTA Fitness Education database consists of more than 47,000 fitness professionals, aerobic instructors, personal trainers, club owners and managers. NAFTA’s email list is approximately 3,000 and is continually growing through our considerable website contacts. NAFTA’s clients include women between the ages of 22 years old to ladies in their 70s! We are expanding in the area of male clients in the area of Power Cycling and Kickboxing. Sherry K. Morton, is the President of the National Aerobics & Fitness Trainers Association and the founder of the NAFTA. Sherry’s vast business experience in promoting health and fitness makes her acutely aware of the value of education

Our Mission

NAFTA's mission is to ensure people have access to well-qualified health and fitness professionals and health coaches, and science-based information and resources on safe and effective physical activity, so they may get active, establish healthy behaviors, and live their most fit lives.

NAFTA is an education and training association or fitness professionals. NAFTA is dedicated to offering certification programs and continuing education that teach concepts and theories of health and fitness.

Our Vision

NAFTA believes that through fitness and health education we will see a decline in obesity and other lifestyle diseases that are preventable. Through educating people and really starting in grammar school, we will empower people to become physically active and committed to healthy lifestyle choices. NAFTA is a firm believer in starting as early as grammar school, where the teachers receive education through organizations such as NAFTA and they in turn educate the children in healthy living!

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