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The Recertification Process

Maintaining your NAFTA credential is an important part of long term success in the fitness training industry. Your credential requires upkeep in two forms: Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and a membership renewal fee. Both of these requirements work hand-in-hand. First, get CECs (with exception of cert year 1. You do not need CECs in your first year). Then, renew your certification membership.

To get CECs, you participate in learning activities (of your choice), and then renew your certification (renewal membership fee) in order to become recertified.

Recertification of your credential is required by all credible certification agencies. NAFTA provides CEC options and convenient ways to submit your learning activities for credit. Here’s a snapshot of how recertification works from the day you pass the exam:

1. Congratulations!

Your GEI certificate can be found in your NAFTA ACCOUNT. Your certification is current for 2 years.

2. Renew Your Certification

NAFTA reminds the certificate holders 3 months prior to the expiration of your certification. All certificate holders are required to have current CPR/AED certification. Obtain 15 CECs from qualifying fitness/wellness/health education providers.

3. Complete the Recertification Application

Complete the on-line Recertification Application

4. Submit the Recertification Application

  • Submit the recertification application
  • Submit copy of current CPR/AED Application
  • Submit copies of CECs
  • Submit the renewal fee.

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