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Continuing Education Courses (CEC) are offered as Home Correspondence Courses to obtain Continuing Education Credits for re-certification. You do not have to be certified to take a course. The CEC Home Correspondence Course includes all study materials and exam. Home Study Continuing Education Courses are to be completed within a 90 day time period. Complete the course and mail your exam to the address provided. You may also e-mail or fax your exam for immediate results. Once you have completed your exam successfully, you will receive a certificate for continuing education credit.

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Balancing Hormones and Nutrition

Hormones are chemical messengers that coordinate the body's complex workings of digestion, metabolism, immunity and even state of mind. Come join us as we explore nutrition practices to help nourish a...
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2 CEU Credits

Carbohydrate Requirements for Exercise

Summary: Carbohydrates are critical for optimal sports performance. Athletes and active individuals are exposed to both facts and myths surrounding the roles of carbohydrates for sports performan...
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1 CEU Credits

Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders

This online course presents fitness professionals with the epidemiology and diagnostic criteria for coronary artery disease (CAD), blood lipid disorders and hypertension. Treatment approaches, includi...
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3 CEU Credits

Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment Strategies

When it comes to encouraging youth to adopt healthy lifestyles, it’s important for health coaches and fitness professionals to have a solid understanding of their unique physical and psychosocia...
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1 CEU Credits

Coaching for Speed, Agility and Quickness

The ability to generate explosive muscular forces rapidly in order to accelerate, change directions, and then re-accelerate over relatively short distances is essential for athletes seeking a competit...
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2 CEU Credits

Creating & Marketing a Small Group Personal Training Program

Do you want to learn how to maximize your earning potential? The challenge of being a full-time fitness professional is having only three times a day when most people are available to work with a trai...
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2 CEU Credits

Designing Resistance Training Programs

This is a state of the art guide to developing individualized Training programs for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Includes new studies and current research findings on resistance training and...
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5 CEU Credits

Diabetes Intermediate Training Program (Level 2)

Help Your Clients Fight Diabetes with MovementMore than 30 million Americans have diabetes—and another 84 million have prediabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That’s one...
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5 CEU Credits

Eat to Win

Nutrition is the key link between physical preparation and improved athletic performance. You could have the best coach and best training program, but if you're making compromises with nutrition you'r...
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6 CEU Credits

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