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Which Weight-Loss Supplements Work and Why


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The market for weight-loss supplements is booming with no real signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, that growth has led more people than ever to fall for quick-fix solutions or false marketing claims. As a fitness professional, you need to arm yourself with the knowledge on how a vast number of these products work so you can be prepared when clients turn to you for answers. You’ll take a careful look at some of the hottest weight loss supplements and review if their claims have any merit. Learn synergistic and antagonist mechanisms as well as contraindications that will help you give your weight-loss clients the real scoop.

You will learn:

  • Physiological mechanisms are responsible for catabolizing fat and increasing metabolic rate
  • Types of major weight loss supplements and their supposed action to cause weight loss
  • To discuss how some products use multiple mechanisms to be synergistic in their overall effects
  • Why some supplements may work better for certain clients and some should not use any
  • Supplements should never be used in place of exercise or diet but possibly in coordination with a sound program

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