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Professional Telephone Skills


1 Credits



As someone who utilizes the telephone as a primary source of business transactions, you are on the front lines and in the most important position within your organization. Your phone behavior can dictate what your customers think of your company. Our telephone skills training can help you overcome the challenge of becoming an effective representative of your organization.

As the first line of defense, your telephone skills can make or break your company. Attend this one-hour webinar to improve your telephone skills.


What You'll Learn


  • How to make a good impression, say "no" in a positive manner and other telephone courtesy rules
  • The H.E.A.T. method for call management – Hear, Empathize, Acknowledge, Take Control
  • Conversational techniques to build customer service
  • How to deal with difficult callers using effective words and phrases to keep their cool and yours
  • How to leave a professional voice message
  • And much more!

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