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Strength Training for Youths


3 Credits

The Youth Strength Training course is suitable for personal trainers, fitness instructors, physical education teachers and youth fitness leaders. Also, a great reference for children, parents, and coaches.

You will learn how to design efficient, enjoyable, and productive programs for youths of varying abilities in elementary school (ages 7 to 10), middle school (11 to 14), and high school (15 to 18). You will focus first on broad-based, balanced muscle development, and then move into comprehensive, sport-specific strength-training programs. 

Topics covered in this program:

  • How strength training impacts childhood obesity
  • 6 important considerations before implementing a youth strength training program
  • Properly administration of a youth strength training program
  • Rest and recovery time critical for youth strength training programs
  • Productive protocols for warming up and cooling down
  • Procedures for enhancing joint flexibility
  • Innovative ways to incorporate resistance exercises into physical education classes, sport practice sessions, and exercise facilities
  • Proper exercise technique for resistance exercises using weight stack machines, free weights, medicine balls, elastic bands, and body-weight resistance

Also included new information on periodization and long-term planning, perceived exertion scale for youth, overtraining and undertraining, dynamic warm-ups and static stretches, new exercises, effective instruction of youth, and plyometrics. 

Through strength training, kids as young as 7 can safely develop a strong musculoskeletal system that can help them improve their health and fitness and also withstand the rigors of sport participation. 

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