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2012 Email Marketing Trends and Truths


2 Credits



Email marketing training courses have revolutionized how businesses achieve their marketing objectives and is a cost effective way for businesses to learn how to reach thousands of leads and customers.

However, email marketing trends constantly change, making it vital for your business to implement the newest trends to stay in tune with your competitor's strategies. Even with social media skyrocketing, email marketing is still king and you should maintain your focus there in order to get the most out of your marketing efforts.


In this one-hour workshop, we will teach you how to best implement your email marketing.

Don't be left in the dust with out-dated email marketing techniques. Buy this program to learn tips, tricks and techniques to make your emails stand out from the pack and attract more business to your organization. Enroll in our class today!


What You'll Learn


  • Email marketing best practices
  • How to keep your Email from ending up in the SPAM folder
  • How to design your marketing campaign to get results
  • 7 trends to watch for
  • Answers to FAQs about email marketing
  • And much more!

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