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Get Recertified

Your NAFTA certification is valid for two years from the date of your successful examination.

Recertification Requirements

Below is a summary of the current Recertification requirements:

  • Each recertification requires 15 CEU’s.
  • Should you have more than one certification renewing, and submit all simultaneously, you will need 15 CEU’s for the first recertification and 8 for each additional renewal submitted
  • A current CPR certification is worth 2 CEU’s – all certifications require current CPR certification. Must be received from a hands-on course. Online CPR certifications are not accepted.
  • A Current First Aid certification is worth 3 CEU’s – Personal Fitness Trainers,Biomechanic Strength Trainer, and Fitness Specialist For Older Adults certifications require current First Aid certification.

How to Renew  

  • Step 1: Earn 15.0 Continuing Education Credits as outlined above
  • Step 2: Be sure your adult CPR and First Aid certification are current
    We must have a copy of your current CPR before we are able to mail your certificate. If you are renewing a Personal Fitness Trainer certification, or you are employed by Millennium Health and Fitness Inc., we will also require a current First Aid or BLS certification.
  • Step 3: Complete the renewal application and mail
    Please open and print this form (PDF) and mail to:

    NAFTA Recertification
    28170 N. Alma School Parkway STE 204
    Scottsdale, AZ 85262
  • Step 4: Send us your renewal materials
    Your application, the appropriate fees, copies of your current CPR and, if applicable, First Aid certifications, any homestudy tests you have completed, and verification of additional, pre-approved, CEUs other than NAFTA to the address shown on the application.
  • Step 5: Start work on your next renewal!
    If you miss the two- year anniversary without renewing, you can still file your renewal application for up to 6 months– although fees may be higher. After 6 months, you may have to re-take the certification exam and pay the full exam fee.

If your certification has expired: Please call NAFTA at 800-925-6403 ext 103, or contact us online, for help renewing your certification.

Sources for CEU Credits

You can gain remaining needed CEUs by;

  • Ordering any of our homestudy courses available on the NAFTA website
  • Participating in any certification workshops NAFTA has scheduled.
  • Completing and providing verification of a certification course provided by any of the following:
    • AAFA
    • Coopers Institute
    • ACE
    • American College of Sports Medicine
    • NAFTA approved CEU Provider (please call for listings)

NAFTA accepts accredited college and university courses in the accepted subject area without requiring course petition. Please provide a course outline and transcripts. NAFTA CEU credits will be equivalent to the course credits.

A minimum of three of the following subject areas must be covered in the workshops or classes attended:

AnatomyNutritionPhysical Therapy
Step TrainingInjury PreventionResistance Training
Business ManagementKinesiologyInstructional Methods
Exercise PhysiologySports PsychologyBody Composition
Fitness Assessment

A minimum of 3 CEUs, per recertification, must be from a NAFTA workshop or from completing a NAFTA homestudy.

Any additional, non- NAFTA, CEUs, must be pre-approved prior to submission for NAFTA CEU credit. Correspondence courses, Certificates of Completion and Homestudy (other than NAFTA), Internet and other electronic courses, and exam preparation courses are not accepted by NAFTA for CEUs.

Late Recertification

Recertification applications are accepted up to one year past the expiration date. A $45.00 late fee if required if postmarked after the certificate expiration date. If appropriate fees are received, application is filled out correctly and the appropriate recertification requirements are met, your certification(s) will be renewed for two years from recertification date.


If you are renewing a certification that is over one year past its expiration date you have two options:

  1. register and attend the appropriate workshop and pass both the written and practical exams.
  2. provide proof of fitness employment specific to your expired certification and apply the appropriate recertification requirements as with a basic recertification.

In either case, your reinstated certification will expire two years from the time that you either pass your workshop exams or your proof of fitness employment and recertification application are approved, respectively

Course Petitions

Should you wish to petition to receive CEUs for a workshop or educational course that is not currently approved by NAFTA, a Course Petition Application (PDF) must be submitted.

Correspondence courses ( to include telephonic, distance learning, homestudy, and Internet course), preparatory courses, workstudy and master classes offered by other organizations or providers are not eligible for NAFTA CEUs by petition.

You Petition Application will require:

  1. Course/ Workshop Outline
  2. Instructor Biography
  3. Instructors name, title, phone number and address. Instructor is required to have a 4 year degree (Bachelors or higher) in a health/fitness related area and /or a current NAFTA certification.
  4. Length of the workshop and breakdown of lecture and practical time
  5. Proof of attendance and completion.
  6. $25.00 fee for the first petition, $10.00 each thereafter if two or more are submitted simultaneously

If your petition is accepted, you will be notified by email , indicating the number of CEUs awarded, and your paperwork will be added to your file to be included with your recertification application.

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