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Resistance Training Instruction


Everett Aaberg
Copyright 1999

About the Product
Resistance training is fast becoming the most popular exercise in the world. More and more people want to experience firsthand the benefits of a good resistance training program: building muscle, preventing and rehabilitating injuries, fighting disease, and improving the way people look and feel. It’s your role as a personal trainer to help your clients achieve those benefits.

This can only happen if your clients perform the exercises correctly. In fact, using improper technique not only dramatically reduces the potential gains, it also increases the risk of injury. Yet despite all the information now available on fitness assessment, exercise prescription, physiological adaptations, and other aspects of resistance training, until now there’s been no reliable source for up-to-date, biomechanically sound information on proper exercise form and technique.

That’s why Resistance Training Instruction is so important. Written specifically to help you learn the safest, most effective way to perform resistance training exercises, the book shows you the proper technique for 73 exercises that target every major muscle group. Its clear approach and exceptional presentation set this book apart from anything else on the market. To help you isolate the targeted muscles and ensure proper mechanics, it provides important visual cues and helpful pointers for each exercise.

  • Step-by-step instructions for setup and technique
  • Photos showing the correct start/finish and mid-point positions
  • Detailed illustrations showing which muscles should be used in each exercise
  • Expert tips on positioning and working with the client

Everett Aaberg, an expert on resistance training, also provides valuable information on selecting and combining the exercises to form programs that are appropriate for each client’s abilities and goals. He explains how to use science and physiology to determine specific program variables, such as sets, repetitions, tempos, recovery, and progression. He also presents several sample programs.

With Resistance Training Instruction, you can be confident that you’re helping your clients get the maximum gains from resistance training.

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