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Water Fitness During Your Pregnancy


Katz, Jane
Copyright 1995

About the Product
In Water Fitness During Your Pregnancy, internationally recognized fitness and aquatics expert Jane Katz offers a safe and effective program for staying fit during and after pregnancy. Katz’s proven program will help pregnant women enjoy the benefits of water activity while avoiding the fatigue, discomfort, and stress associated with other forms of exercise.

This guide, the first of its kind, features 44 easy-to-follow workouts that show women at all fitness levels how to use water exercises and swimming to stretch, tone, and strengthen their bodies through each stage of pregnancy.

Part I discusses the hows and whys of exercising in the water during pregnancy, including:

• the benefits of water exercise,
• health and safety guidelines for pregnant women,
• basic workout tips, and
• choosing workout equipment.

Part II describes 43 water exercises for the upper, middle, lower, and total body, as well as breathing, warm-up, and cool-down exercises. Each is clearly illustrated and described in detail to ensure proper technique. Readers will learn how to adjust these exercises to match their fitness level, swimming skills, and stage of pregnancy.

In Part III Katz reviews the mechanics of swim strokes, including the crawl stroke, breaststroke, backstroke, and sidestroke, and how to modify each stroke during pregnancy. She also provides illustrations of 8 exercises that reinforce each swim stroke.

Part IV combines workouts into ready-to-use water fitness programs for each trimester of pregnancy. Each workout features three parts: a warm-up, a main set, and a cool-down. And each main set includes lap swimming and water exercises for three levels of intensity. Readers can use these samples as they are or mix and match activities to design a custom-made program ideally suited to their needs.

A 12-week postpartum water fitness program in Part V helps new mothers get back into shape. They will also learn fun new ways to involve the rest of the family in water activities.

Water Fitness During Your Pregnancy is a comprehensive water workout manual that will help mothers-to-be feel better about themselves, their bodies, and their babies.

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