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Fitness Aquatics


Case, Leanne
Copyright 1997

About the Product
Whether you’re someone seeking a fun way to get in shape or a competitive swimmer looking for a training edge, you’ll find the right workouts for you in Fitness Aquatics. With 60 color-coded workouts varying in length and intensity and three sample training programs, this easy-to-use guide allows you to customize your own workouts.

In Part I author and water fitness expert LeAnne Case provides:

  • information on what equipment to use,
  • a fitness test to help with knowing where to start your training,
  • instruction on correct aquatic training technique, and
  • information and exercises to help you warm up and cool down properly.
Part II describes 60 aquatic workouts with exercises are evenly distributed across six color-coded zones according to level of difficulty—green workouts are the easiest, red workouts the hardest.

Each workout’s detailed description covers warm-up, training time, technique, difficulty rating, cool-down, gauging calories burned, and workout tips.

Part III offers sample programs to help you structure workouts into an overall training regimen. These programs can be used as is or as a guide to develop a routine suited to your specific needs.

Fitness Aquatics offers expert advice to help people of all ages and abilities enjoy getting fit.

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