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Total Tai Chi


By Matthew Rochford
Hidden Spiral
192 Pages
200 + Color Photos

Tai Chi has been a living tradition of fitness and health for hundreds of years. Graceful in movement, slow in tempo and fluid in natural postures, Tai Chi has been practiced for centuries by men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Tai Chi is meditation in motion. Total Tai Chi offers the most complete, easy-to-use, fully illustrated book guide to this timeless practice. Tai Chi emphasizes balance, posture, breathing techniques, concentration and complete relaxation. This total body program will stretch and warm the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Deep breathing techniques will oxygenate the body and increase blood circulation. Simple and easy Tai Chi movements will increase energy flow, promote coordination and balance and teach the mind and body to move as one. Relaxing the mind is essential to achieving total health. Tai Chi removes tension and tightness from muscles of the entire body. Tai Chi movements are designed to discharge stagnant energy and stimulate the body's energy system.

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