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Rich Salke M.S.

Rich has been in the fitness industry for over a quarter of a century in many different capacities.  For the past ten years, Rich has been the owner and director of Rich Bodies Gym, a private one on one training center in Georgetown.  Rich began as a competitive body builder and emerged as one of the nation’s best bodybuilders in the 1980’s.  Some of his titles include Mr. Connecticut, Mr. East Coast and the gold medal winner at the Pan American Bodybuilding Championships.  Academically, Rich has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and has completed all the requirements for his Ph.D. degree with the exception of his dissertation.  He has been published in various industry journals, newspapers and has hosted a fitness show on public television.  Rich ahs also been an instructor in the Kinesiology Department at the University of Maryland where he taught classes in physiology of exercise, nutrition and weight management as well as weight training and physical conditioning.  

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