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Faculty Trainers

Heather Collins

Heather has been involved in the fitness and sports industry throughout her life. She received a Division I four year volleyball scholarship at Western Carolina University were she also received he...
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Eileen Danielski

Ms. Eileen Danielski, serves as a Faculty Trainer and Expert in both Group Exercise and Personal Training. Currently, Eileen is responsible for overseeing many of the National Aerobics & Fitnes...
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Kelly Moyers

Motto- Don't Just Exist... LIVE! I’ve been in the military since 1999.  As a former Law Enforcement Officer, I have practical experience training others in law enforcement tactics. &nb...
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Joanne Roberts Ph.D.

Joanne Roberts has a  Ph.D. degree in Exercise physiology from Texas A&M University.  Joanne has 27 years experience in the field of exercise physiology, human performance, and fitnes...
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Jonathan Ross CPT

Jonathan was recently named Personal Trainer of the Year by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He has a BS degree in Astronomy from the University of Maryland, College Park, but since1998, when h...
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Rich Salke M.S.

Rich has been in the fitness industry for over a quarter of a century in many different capacities.  For the past ten years, Rich has been the owner and director of Rich Bodies Gym, a private one...
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Rosemary Schaffner-Lindle, Ph.D.

For the past  20 years, Dr. Lindle has been involved in the health and fitness field as an  educator, researcher, and consultant.  Currently, she is the health and fitness consultant ...
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Teresa Torelli

Mrs. Torelli has 20+ years of dynamic leadership experience working for the U.S. Department of Defense. Teresa’s exceptional track record as a project managers has been proven by her abili...
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Roxie Urner Hinton

Ms. Urner Hinton grew up in the military with her father being active duty and then he retired and managed fitness centers in Italy and Maryland.  For the past 30 years, Ms. Urner Hinton has t...
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