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Continuing Education Courses (CEC) are offered as Home Correspondence Courses to obtain Continuing Education Credits for re-certification. You do not have to be certified to take a course. The CEC Home Correspondence Course includes all study materials and exam. Home Study Continuing Education Courses are to be completed within a 90 day time period. Complete the course and mail your exam to the address provided. You may also e-mail or fax your exam for immediate results. Once you have completed your exam successfully, you will receive a certificate for continuing education credit.

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Understanding and Motivating Older Adults

As your clients age, their needs and abilities change. Find ways to connect with them personally through workouts that take their age and fitness level into account. Develop an awareness of stereotype...
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1 CEU Credits

Using a Stopwatch for More Intense Classes

The stopwatch is a commonly overlooked tool that can be a simple way to add interest and intensity to your classes. We will explore different ways to use the stopwatch to structure your classes for ma...
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1 CEU Credits

Using Nutrition to Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Cancer patients typically experience break-through nausea, neutropenia, and anemia from the pharmacology imposed by chemotherapy. This natural nutrition is a proposed remedial menu that reduces negati...
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4 CEU Credits

Vegetarian Nutrition

Summary:Nutrition professionals with vegetarian clients need to learn about the philosophy, nutritional soundness and risks of meatless diets. This complete guide discusses counseling, quackery, myths...
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8 CEU Credits

Vegetarian Sports Nutrition

Gain the vegetarian advantage! Vegetarian meal plans have been used successfully in everything from bodybuilding to endurance sports. Every day more and more athletes—even those who are not full...
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3 CEU Credits

Vegetarianism's Effect on Athletic Performance

Eating less like a lion and more like a bear can bring you greater performance and a better quality of life. Recovery of fuel reserves between training sessions has been found to be quicker in a clean...
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5 CEU Credits

Weight-Loss Medications

Summary:Diets fail, and many people trying to diet end up feeling like failures. With more than one-third of Americans considered obese and one-third overweight, there have to be other options for wei...
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1 CEU Credits

Which Weight-Loss Supplements Work and Why

The market for weight-loss supplements is booming with no real signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, that growth has led more people than ever to fall for quick-fix solutions or false marketing claims...
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1 CEU Credits

Winning Sports Nutrition

This continuing education course will show you how to calculate the calories athletes need before, during, and after exercise; outline the best nutrition sources of energy to fuel athletes...
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5 CEU Credits

Women's Health Bundle 1

Women’s health and nutrition needs from pregnancy to menopause are covered in these two courses. It begins with the concept that the nutritional status of the mother during pregnancy has life-lo...
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2 CEU Credits

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